Why Do Conservative Websites Get Suppressed in the News?

conservative voices are suppressed

Is the mainstream media biased and suppressing conservative voices? Many say it is, but who are they working for? Many say that they work for the left, but if you read between the lines, they work for the MSM, which is not what I meant. Mainstream Media is much more politically correct than it used to be.

Recently in an article titled MSM BANS Conservatives at Twitter, then later changes their mind’s claiming it was a mistake, yet who could blame them? MSM or Main Stream Media is busy lying to us. Why did they do this, in my opinion? Who knows, but my hunch is that it was because they had found out something that MSM does not want us to know. Some large corporations control mainstream Media in the shape of trusts, who give to MSM via donations.

This means that they are getting more influence over the minds of the public through their media manipulation using MSM and its various websites. Google, Yahoo, MSN, and all the other search engines use their popularity and power to promote certain websites in their search results. Does this mean that Google, Yahoo, and all the other big names on the web are trying to outright censorship and limit freedom of speech? Yes, I believe so. That is why Google, Yahoo, and all the other major names on the web have given up on their claim of freedom of speech and are now suffering because of it.

I notice that there are now only a few conservative outlets on the MSM websites which are permitted to blog. This is because there has been a severe lack of conservative blogs on the Internet. Only two big conservative websites are permitted to even appear in the search results – Gateway Pundit and Hot Air. These conservative websites are legitimate informational websites that discuss real issues, the same way the liberal websites do. They merely got caught up in the Google Slurping Algorithm and got punished for it.

Because Google only lists sites that have widespread popularity, these conservative websites were put at the top of the list, or at least where they received the most hits, which is how Google wants to sell advertising. Google realized that many people in the world who believe in limited government are using Google, so they are trying to give them a good place. It is ironic.

However, the liberal mainstream media also suffer from a lack of conservative blogs due to their biased coverage of the Obama campaign and his agenda. Mainstream media also complains that most Americans know little about their government and the amount of dysfunction running around our government at the moment. Mainstream media outlets feel threatened by conservative backlash and censorship because many citizens are flocking to blogs and new media to get their news. They feel threatened by this and want to control the flow of information. So they’ve imposed censorship and slanted the news to fit their own beliefs and that of the millions of citizens who disagree with their bias.

This all makes for an interesting debate between the masses which are getting the truth, and those which are getting propaganda. I suppose it’s good that citizens get the news they are interested in, rather than a bunch of liberal spin on what’s happening in the world. But the problem is that all of these outlets are trying to do the same thing and cherry-pick the news to fit their worldview rather than provide objective and unbiased reporting. This hypocrisy is why censorship is occurring because citizens are fed lies through the mainstream media and told what is what.

So the next time you read something in the media, whether it is in print or online, and you realize that it is pushing a liberal agenda, consider all of the conservative voices that are being ignored. You might be surprised by who exactly is saying what and why. Maybe you’ll think twice before you turn to your computer and watch the news because you’ll be aware of what is going on. And if you see a bias that violates your rights, rather than reporting the news as it is, take the time to report it to the correct media outlet.

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