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3d wallpaper in the interior (54 pics): kitchen, living room or bedroom with three-dimensional effects

Often people tend to change around themselves. This is an excellent occasion for cosmetic repairs. In this case, attention should be paid to new materials that can transform the room. 3d wallpaper in the interior - this is one of the best solutions, since the finish coating will create an unusual and unique interior in any room. Wallpaper with 3d effect is perfect for living room, bedroom or kitchen.

Wallpaper with a view of the mountains with a volumetric effect

Abstract 3d wallpaper

White 3d wallpaper

3d wallpaper non-woven

3d Wall Mural

3d wallpaper in the office

3d wallpaper with circles

Using 3d wallpapers for walls of different rooms, you can create an unusual interior that will provide a festive atmosphere, comfort or coziness. The three-dimensional image allows to form the effect of the room volume, due to which the image seems to protrude from the wall of the living room, bedroom or kitchen inside the room. The wallpaper design 3d is done in the same style with the floor, ceiling, furniture and curtains. In this case, coatings with volumetric patterns can be glued not only to the wall, but also to doors, ceilings, cabinet doors or decorative plasterboard partitions.

Abstract 3d beige-pink wallpaper

Paper 3d wallpaper

Flower 3d wallpaper

3d wallpaper with geometric pattern


3d wallpaper in the living room

3d wallpaper in the kitchen

3d wallpaper with leaves

Features of 3d wallpapers

Wallpapers with 3d effect represent volumetric widescreen images for walls. Their main feature lies in the fact that they allow you to create an effect of dimensionality of the picture. The picture seems to move from the plane of the wall directly into the space of the room. The basis for creating three-dimensional wallpaper is the technology of making photo wallpapers. To begin with, computer simulation of the pattern is performed. Colors are selected in special programs, printing is carried out. Wide-format printing is produced on a roll basis of various types: non-woven, vinyl or paper. Such wallpaper can be used for the walls of the living room, bedroom, kitchen, as well as other rooms.

Space 3D wallpaper

3d wallpaper under a tree

3d wallpaper violet

3d wallpaper in art nouveau style

3d wallpaper three-dimensional

You can select the following types of wallpaper with 3D effect:

  1. single - these are independent decorative pictures or fragments, which are pasted onto a partition, wall, sometimes they are applied in a frame;
  2. Panoramic paintings are distinguished by their large size. Such panoramic wallpaper with 3d effect is usually placed immediately on several walls of the room, which makes it possible to create realistic scenes;
  3. fluorescent wallpaper with 3d effect in the composition of the paint layer contains special substances that provide glow of the walls of the room in the dark;
  4. LED light for the walls of the living room, bedroom or kitchen are used in combination with lighting. Such wallpaper with 3D effect are the most expensive, and also difficult to perform.
Panoramic 3d wallpaper with houses and flowers
Painted 3d wallpaper in color to the interior
3d wallpaper in the interior with the image of the evening city
Living room with green patterned 3d wallpaper
Wallpaper with a volume effect with a winter image

3d autumn wallpapers

3d wallpaper in the hallway

3d wallpaper with print

Features of use in the interior

  1. Volumetric wallpaper on the wall can be used in almost any interior. Wallpaper with 3d effect will perfectly fit into the style of the living room, bedroom or kitchen, including the nursery. Wallpapers that have large images can decorate the entire wall of the room or use voluminous drawings to decorate certain areas and parts of the wall. For example, if you decide to use wallpaper with a 3D effect in the kitchen, you can choose three-dimensional drawings for the wall between the upper shelves and the tables in the working kitchen area.
  2. If the rooms are small, then with such wallpaper for the walls you can provide a visual extension of the existing space. In this case, a spacious living room or bedroom can be divided into several zones.
  3. To wallpaper with a 3d effect in the living room, kitchen or bedroom looked good, you should choose them according to the shades used in the room, as well as the general style.
  4. The 3D image on the wallpaper should be directly visible, but this does not mean that it is necessary to provide a similar effect due to the use of unnecessarily pressing and bright colors, as well as pictures that do not fit perfectly into the existing interior.
  5. For hi-tech or modern, wall paper with abstract drawings is best. In the classical style for walls it is better to use panoramic images. In this case, panoramic wallpaper with your drawing should also meet the chosen style.
  6. Some wallpaper with 3d effect perfectly combined with wood panels and moldings.
3d wallpaper in the interior with the image of the beach
Effective bright floral wallpaper 3d
Wallpaper with the effect of volume with the image of a waterfall
Unusual 3d wallpaper with geometric pattern

3d wallpaper in the interior

3d wallpaper in retro style

3D pattern wallpaper

3d wallpaper with roses

Interesting ideas for interior decoration

In the process of decorating the interior with these photo wallpapers, you can use the following interesting ideas:

  1. for the kitchen you can choose romantic drawings. For example, a French courtyard, rural landscapes, a summer veranda, a window overlooking Venice and other images will look great in the kitchen;
  2. wallpaper for the walls of the bedroom should provide a peaceful and calm environment. That is why it is recommended to glue pictures of a beautiful park, beach or forest in the bedroom interior;
  3. in the living room you can paste wallpaper with a 3d effect with a picture of a museum, an art gallery, ancient castles. Also, various abstract compositions and 3d wallpaper with flowers will be appropriate;
  4. for the bathroom you can choose the image of sea waves and the beach.
    At the same time in the interior of the living room, bedroom or kitchen does not necessarily focus on a specific theme, because it is possible to show imagination and create a creative design;
  5. in recent years, very relevant is the natural theme. For example, to decorate the kitchen or the living room, the original 3D wallpaper of the rose is perfect. You can also choose interesting options with images of forest animals and trees.
3d apron with raspberry in the kitchen
3d wallpaper in the living room with a picture of roses
3d wallpaper in a classic drawing room with a picture of the road and fields
Bright 3d wallpaper in the dining room depicting the rainforest
3d wallpaper with a picture of a big waterfall

3d silver wallpaper

3d gray wallpapers

3d wallpaper blue

Choice according to size

Choose wallpaper depending on the current size of the living room should be based on the following principles:

  1. in small living rooms do not use bright large drawings, because they will create a pressuring effect. It is advisable to use canvases with a perspective image in order to paste them on the whole wall. This will achieve the effect of the expanded space;
  2. the predominance of pastel tones in the image of the wallpaper will reduce the pressure of the picture, while the darkened side of the room will be visually retracted;
  3. restrictions for spacious bright rooms are almost non-existent, the drawing can be textured, shiny and multicolored. However, if the color accent of the room is used furniture with bright upholstery or other accessories, then the color of the wallpaper is recommended to choose a calm, so as not to draw attention;
  4. wallpaper with a glossy gloss will not work for the walls that are in front of the window, the image will have glare that will distort the image;
  5. if the wallpaper has a desire to perform zoning, then the pattern and theme should match the specified zones. For example, for the reception area you can use bright abstract images, and for the recreation area - images of plants and waterfalls.
3d wallpaper in a spacious dining room with a picture of a flower field
3d wallpaper with imitation window with city image
3d wallpaper with the image of comic heroes
3d wallpaper in the hallway with the image of birches
3d wallpaper in the hallway with the image of birches
Panel with 3d wallpaper in the living room depicting the night city
Geometric wallpaper with a three-dimensional effect in the bedroom
Beautiful 3d wallpaper with a picture of a narrow street
3d wallpaper with a scene from the movie

3d wallpaper in the bedroom

3d wallpaper on the wall

3d wallpaper vinyl

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