Kitchen in beige tones (50 pics): beautiful design with stylish accents |

Kitchen in beige tones (50 pics): beautiful design with stylish accents

Beige color in the interior of the kitchen, dining room or kitchen-living room for many years remains at the top of the rating of the most fashionable trends. He bribes a variety of beautiful shades, the ability to combine with all the famous styles of interior, expand a small space. Beige in the interior is a refined neutral (not related to either warm or cold palette) shade that best copes with the task of creating a background.

Black-beige kitchen
Beige and gray kitchen
Beige, blue and white in the interior of the kitchen-living room

Features, advantages and disadvantages

In fact, the beige color is a combination of light brown and white in different proportions, sometimes with the addition of a different tone. Mistakenly popular opinion about his boredom and excessive neutrality, because he is incredibly diverse in the palette of shades: caramel, ecru, peach, wheat, vanilla, sand, ivory, cappuccino, light beige, dark beige, cream, tan, light wenge. Psychologists say that beige can create a calming and relaxing atmosphere, but where, if not in the kitchen or living room, where the whole family gathers after a hard day, this can be useful most?

Beige and green kitchen in country style

Use beige color in the interior is simple enough - it is applicable to the color of almost all elements: flooring, ceiling, countertops, hoods, decor. The main thing is to carefully think through the concept. To avoid monotony and dullness, you can dilute neutral beige with bright accents, interesting decor and a variety of textures. For example, if the walls, floor and ceiling are neutral beige, then choose curtains or curtains with voluminous printed pattern or drapery, furniture with accessories for gold, use bright colors for the kitchen apron and countertops, you can decorate them with inserts. In the case when you purchased classic furniture and table tops, beige-colored, choose textured or patterned wallpaper on the walls, tiles on the floor with a decor or convex pattern. You can combine matte and glossy surfaces.

Beige kitchen in high-tech style

The main advantages of beige in the design of the kitchen are:

  • Soothing effect, creating a cozy, friendly atmosphere.
  • Visual expansion of the room space. This is particularly advantageous when decorating a corner kitchen.
  • Pleasant to each association with nature (sandy beach, wheat ears, trees, burnt grass) and goodies (chocolate, almonds, cocoa, cinnamon, nuts, vanilla, coffee, peach).
  • Ability to use in conjunction with any design style.
  • Versatility of application, the ability to create an interior background.
  • Great possibilities of stylish combinations with both pastel and bright shades.
  • Beige is a classic option, so it will be almost impossible to make a mistake even for an amateur in design.
  • Beige kitchen easily changes appearance and style: we remove red curtains, lamps or apron, replacing them with blue ones, and the bright positive atmosphere changes to a gentle and romantic atmosphere.
Stylish beige kitchen

The disadvantages are:

  • The need for a delicate approach to the choice of hue.
  • Special requirements for lighting.
  • The need for regular cleaning, as light is visible to the slightest pollution.
Beige red modern kitchen
Beige, brown, white and yellow colors in the interior of the kitchen

Gray beige kitchen set
Beige and white kitchen in country style
Beige kitchen set and orange walls in the kitchen
Beige and white kitchen with breakfast bar
Beige, white and red colors in the interior of the kitchen
Beige, white and red colors in the interior of the kitchen
Beige and brown kitchen set
Beige gray kitchen set
Beige and brown kitchen furniture
Beige accents in white and gray kitchen
Beige black kitchen set
Beige, brown, gray and white in the kitchen

Lighting, a combination of warm and cold colors

For the design of the kitchen, dining room or living room it is important to carefully and meticulously pick up the shade of beige and the companions themselves. Remember that light colors visually expand the walls, giving a larger volume to a small room, darkens the space. Some shades can give the beige a dirty or dim podton, distort the perception in bad lighting. The choice of the latter also means a lot: if the windows face west or north, then you need to arrange additional lighting, especially over the working area. For a well-lit kitchen or living room with windows to the south or east, cold beige wallpaper tones will be optimal, warm shades for northern windows. Optimum coverage of the dining area with diffused light. Beige kitchen completely excludes fixtures decorated with silver color, as they almost do not harmonize with the beige scale. The best is to look white with a matte texture, you can with gilding, or crystal. Also, the decoration of plafonds should be excluded green or blue. They will give the beige palette a dirty and untidy look.

Beige, white and black colors in the interior of the kitchen

It is important to combine warm and cool colors in the interior. If a cold beige color with a purple or gray sub-tone is chosen as the background for the walls, floor and ceiling, then dilute it with curtains in a warm shade, a wheat or peach top, accents in bright emerald, blue, red and blue tones. "Warm" living room or kitchen "cool" glossy countertop, the presence of stylish chrome in the design of hoods and sinks, glass or transparent design elements.

Modern spacious kitchen with a combination of beige, black and white colors

For a small corner kitchen, the classic design will be the use of light beige scales in combination with light companions or the harmony of dark and light but warm tones. You can do more original and create a beautiful optical illusion in the design: vanilla or ivory ceiling and walls, white-gray, white or wenge color sets, and an apron, table top, extractor and floor tiles in a dark brown hue. This design will give an incredible effect of depth and volume of space. Removing a niche in the wall will help another illusion: the decoration of the walls in beige warm tone, furniture in color ecru, and the kitchen apron in the niche - in a gray-beige cold color.

Spacious large kitchen will give comfort, an atmosphere of harmony and tranquility warm shades of beige, glossy elements, bright accents and decor. The higher the design element, the more light it should be.

Beautiful chandelier in a beige-white kitchen
An unusual chandelier in a beige-gray kitchen
Beige and white kitchen with island
Beige red glossy kitchen
Beige and gray kitchen furniture
Beige black island in the kitchen
Beige gray kitchen set
Beige floor and furniture in the kitchen-living room
Beige black accents in the kitchen
Beige floor and walls in the kitchen
Beige facade in the kitchen
Beige island in the kitchen
Beige and white interior of a small kitchen

Combination with other colors

Kitchen in beige tones is most advantageous in alliance with the following shades:

  • Wenge - creates a unique aura of harmony, optimism, refinement and refinement. Perfectly blends with accents from such beautiful bright colors as lavender, blue, green and turquoise. You can combine with gray, white-gray, mint. Classical furniture in both light and dark Wenge colors looks great in combination with light beige wallpaper, laminate or tile in sand or wood.
  • Shades of brown, here
    also refers to the dark wenge - such an alliance is among the most common. The beige-brown kitchen looks very noble, bright and boring. Most often used in the classical style, which is also typical for art deco, provence and country.
  • Coral and chocolate - a combination with a wheat or peach warm shade.
  • White color is a beautiful and universal combination, which nevertheless needs to be handled with care. If the beige kitchen is planned only in these two shades, it is important to pay attention to the accent: the chrome hood and other shiny elements, the consonance of opacity and gloss, the use of bright blue or red will help get rid of the excessive "state" of the room. To beige "not extinct" against the background of white, you need to choose milky warm shades.
  • Black color, as well as its variants: black and blue, black-emerald, black-brown, graphite, anthracite and even black and red. These incredibly luxurious rich colors look elegant and very stylish, reinforce the expressiveness of the lines. To avoid the depressing effect of a darker shade, remember that beige in such an alliance should dominate. Do not use it for tiles on the floor, hoods, wallpaper. A winning and visually beautiful solution will be partially black stretch ceiling, kitchen apron and headset.
  • Blue and blue - with them the beige kitchen acquires a note of romance, lightness and a peculiar charm. These are colors, prompted by nature itself. Is not it beautiful sandy beach under the blue sky at the blue sea? Blue curtains or blue furniture in combination with a beige suite or sand walls is a perfect example of an ideal balance of warm and cold shades. Very beautiful will be pale blue patterns on beige curtains or a vanilla finish tile. This gentle duet can be refreshed bright orange without damage to it.
  • Red - in this consonance it is very important to withstand the proportions. The combination is dangerous, but in case of successful use, a luxurious and spectacular design is guaranteed.
  • Green - especially favorable to beige warm dark olive and positive salad. Fashionable element of decor - beige wallpaper or curtains in an olive cage. Perfectly fit in this tandem calm pink or restrained-yellow. Avoid the combination with gray.

The most popular beige color for such styles as art deco, country, classic, romantic and French cafe style. Beige is an excellent variant of the color design of a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom, a nursery or even a bath. With such a universal and wide palette it is easy to create a comfortable, cozy and relaxing room, convenient and pleasant for all members of the family.

Beige and white classic cuisine
Beige and brown kitchen with island
Beige and brown kitchen with dining table
Beige, white and brown in the interior of the kitchen
Beige, white, black and brown colors in the interior of the kitchen in the style of high-tech
Cozy beige-black kitchen
Beige, brown and white in the interior of the kitchen-living room
Beige black chairs in the kitchen
Beige walls in a large kitchen
Beige countertops in the kitchen
Beige wooden countertop in the kitchen
Beige walls in the dining room
Beige floor in the kitchen
Beige floor and facade headset in the kitchen
Cream floor and facade headset in the kitchen
Beige walls in a modern kitchen-dining room
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