Armed Patriot

Basics to Protect Yourself From the Deep State Cabal

Deep state cabalThe deep state, the shadow government, the New World Order or perhaps we call it the Cabal has formed an unholy alliance with globalists and establishments against the real President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump. This alliance has sworn to protect the interests of the people of the United States of America and has formed a secret society to which they funnel money and arms to do their bidding. Many people in government today are going to be purged due to what they have done or are going to commission because they are going to be revealed as traitors to the cause of America.

When we watch the news every morning we see reports about how the evil gravy train is coming to a screeching halt. The establishment hates Donald J. Trump and will stop at nothing to remove him from power. As his supporters attempt to remove the deep state hold over society, we see more turmoil. We see people taking sides, defending one another, and throwing personal differences aside. No one is safe from their wrath, and anyone who does not protect himself or herself from what the establishment will throw at them must be prepared for the worst.

We are going to fight with our hands, and if you are a survivalist, you know that there are no easy wars. We fight with our minds, and this is where the patriots come into play. Do you know what the patriots are? Patriots are the opposition to the deep state. These are the individuals we turn to in time of need for help and advice, and they are our last line of defense against a world that will rise and take our freedoms away.

So, what can you do to help the patriots who are standing up to the regime and protecting us? There are some specific things that you can do that can be effective immediately, but if you want long term results, you will need to arm yourself with survival gear. In other words, get your survival gear ready now so when the time comes, you are prepared for whatever comes.

One thing that is a must for any individual who is willing to protect themselves and their family is a weapon of some sort. This may be a personal gun or even a shotgun of some kind. It would help if you were well educated in the proper usage of firearms and understand that no single person will come along and arm themselves and shoot down every person that comes by. This is not the way it works, so be prepared.

If you live in an area where it is likely that there is going to be a hostile takeover by the deep state and what you can do is arm yourself with survival gear that will enable you to face down the odds. A bulletproof vest and some foam-tipped safety boots are excellent items. You should always carry a knife as well, one with a good blade so that you can defend yourself. Another highly recommended item is a rainfly to protect you from the sun while staying safe from the rain.

Finally, to protect yourself from the dark, you need to be extremely well hidden, which means you need to get your identity protected and stay hidden. The Cabal, deep state criminals, regime change agents, and anyone else working in secret for the deep state’s interests doesn’t want the general public knowing who they are or where they live. Therefore, they target the most important people, like your doctors, lawyers, programmers, and anyone else that is considered an asset by the Cabal and their handlers. In other words, to fully protect yourself from the deep state, be as invisible and as secret as you can be, and you will survive any attempts to hold you accountable for anything that may come up.

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