WATCH What This Badass Pregnant Woman Does To Purse Thief!

There’s no denying the internal safety obsessive tendencies of a mom to be (see Mother Uses Her Sharp Shooting Skills to Kill Armed Home Invader and WIN: Texas Mom Trolls Home Intruder with Security Camera Footage and a Shotgun!). Mother’s purses are the holy grail of provisionary supplies. Sunscreen, first aid kit, emergency chocolate and goldfish crumbs. All valued items in the folds of mom’s lifeline. When faced with the prospect of losing her provision bag, mom’s instincts took over.

A woman ran over a man in a Walmart parking lot in North Carolina after she caught him going through her purse and now they both face charges.

Video from WLOS-TV shows Christine Braswell accelerate across several parking spots at the Asheville store Wednesday and hit Robert Raines in the back. Braswell told the television station that she wasn’t going to let him get away. She says she is five months pregnant.

Braswell faces an assault with a deadly weapon charge, while Raines is charged with breaking and entering a motor vehicle and larceny.

Firstly, for the lawyers and legal beagles: mowing down someone with a car is wrong. It’t not a good idea. Stop it.

Secondly: this is awesome. Sure, it might be wrong. But so is robbing a woman. Should she have reported it to the police, called her credit card companies and canceled her cards? Sure. Yes. But she didn’t. She took action into her hands via a steering wheel and vengeance, and mowed that baddie down. She’s like Batman with a baby bump. So while I can say yes, this was wrong, it can also be incredible at the same time. Two things can be true at once. This story proves it.

While I can’t endorse the mowing down of anyone in parking lots, I can say we can take some notes from this broad. Stand up for yourself. Don’t be a feminist trundle beast bitching about victimhood. That is all.


(H/T Louder With Crowder)

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