US Military debates Obama Arrest

An unnamed source has disclosed that behind closed doors, the US Military is holding discussions on Barack Obama’s ability to effectually carry out his duties and responsibilities as President, and as Commander in Chief. In the past weeks, Obama’s behavior has become more and more irrational, and even traitorous, Mililtary Commanders agreed.

They cited the “noose” Obama was putting around Russia to provoke them into WWIII. “Look at the board”, one Commander said. “Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, all positioned to attack Russia.” Small incursions have been going on since the illegal US coup in Ukraine. Russian civilians have even died. Yet Putin holds his Military back. There is a “Splinter Group” within the US Government. An Obama Splinter Group that wants WWIII. It is not only Military Actions on the ground, It is Propagana War in the Media.

CNN, Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC, CBC, CTV, and more are controlled by this “Obama Splinter Group”. They report FAKE News. Even the newspapers such as The Washington Post, The New York Times, and others, that used to be reliable, have now become lying tabloids. More FAKE news.


The “malware” virus to take down the power grid was a HOAX by the Obama Splinter Group. Again, the story of Russia shutting down an english school – A Lie, A Hoax, FAKE NEWS! So it is a physical WAR and a Psychological WAR that Obama, hillary, SOROS, the DNC, Globalists, Foreign Governments such as Saudi Arabia, are WAGING. They are INTERFERING in all aspects of American life and Government! That is an ACT OF WAR! OBAMA and cohorts must be ARRESTED by the Military!

Another insane Obama action was to “ground” ALL AirCraft Carriers. Ten of them! Stuck in Port. Never in all History has anything so INSANE been done. Obama is trying to get them Attacked, intentionally!!! Obama cannot be allowed to continue. Obama must be stopped. Only the US Military has the Power and Responsibility to say “Enough is Enough”.

No more Jihad, muslim man. Charge is “Treason”! Understand the gravity of the situation: The US would never attack Russia first, but Obama WILL ATTACK RUSSIA FIRST!!

Even First Strike if he can! Understand? With still time before the January 20th, 2017 turnover date for Trump to officially become President of the United States, there is much DAMAGE Obama can do. Obama must be stopped. There is more than enough Evidence to support this action.

Who has the GUTS to do it? Who has the HEART of the American People? The Military MUST step in, or Obama will continue Destroying America, and likely cause all out WAR with Russia, and Civil War in the US.

Update: Hundreds of Special Ops have been sent to Europe by Obama.
Update: Billionaire George Soros was spotted in Europe, Fear Mongering against Russia.
Update: British Airways and All UK Transportation are seized by the Government to transport troops and equipment and supplies to the Russian border. US troops have been “quietly” snuck in too.

This means NATO is massing. The Baltic states, likely Latvia is a rally point. Ukraine also. Over 30,000 booklets have been handed out with pictures of Russian tanks, machine guns, and other weapons, saying “Everyone is a Target”.

Media has been ripe with Fake News and Fear Mongering too. It is a real powderkeg right now. The World could use a calm cool word…..President Elect Donald Trump?


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