Trump Notices “Unusual” Thing Obama Does at Every Speech Now

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President Barack Obama continues, even after almost seven-and-a-half years in the White House, to demonstrate why he never should have been elected to the presidency in the first place.

And Donald Trump continues to call him out on it, this time noting the president’s “unusual” practice at press conferences.

On Friday, speaking before the world press at the G7 conference in Japan, Obama made yet another petty attack on the presumed Republican presidential nominee, this one worse than most because he was essentially airing America’s dirty laundry on the world stage.

“(World leaders are) rattled by him and for good reason,” Obama said. “Because a lot of the proposals that he’s made display either ignorance of world affairs or a cavalier attitude or an interest in getting tweets and headlines instead of actually thinking through what is required to keep America safe.”

Setting aside the fact that the only world leaders who have appeared to be “rattled” by the plain-speaking businessman are a former Mexican president and a soon-to-be-but-not-soon-enough former U.S. president, I cannot recall a more telling instance of the pot calling the kettle black in modern American politics.

Obama said these words as if he hadn’t been bungling world affairs and America’s safety for the better part of a decade — while grabbing whatever spotlight a fawning media would deign to shine on him.

But Donald Trump had the perfect response: “It’s unusual that every time he holds a press conference he’s talking about me.”

(H/T Conservative Tribune)

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