Trump Gets Sweet Revenge On CNN, Reveals Election Night SECRET No One Knew

Donald Trump was in Wisconsin to continue his “Thank-You” America tour, and the president-elect was in rare form. Reliving election night, Trump revealed he was watching most of the major networks, and CNN was the worst. Trump laughed as he recalled the CNN panel “getting sick.” Then, he revealed one big secret about that night that no one knew, and you’ll love how he is getting sweet revenge on the liberal hacks.

Donald Trump was enjoying every bit of his Christmas-themed rally in Wisconsin last night as he reminisced with the huge crowd, revealing new details about election night that no one had ever heard before.

“You want to hear about election night?” Trump asked the packed auditorium. The crowd responded with a resounding “yes,” since, like many Trump supporters, they love to relive the big win. Trump started off by telling them that CNN had him losing the election big, and he admitted that he considered whether their polls might be right.

Trump went on, saying, “‘We were losing, right? All the polls said we were losing, so I told Melania, ‘Baby, we are going to lose,’ and she said, ‘you’re not going to lose, you’re going to win.’ And then it started, the polls closed and the numbers started coming in. Oh boy, were they [pollsters] wrong.”

Pictures from CNN’s election night coverage: Wolf Blitzer (left), Van Jones (middle), Martha Raddatz (right)
Trump especially loved mocking CNN who, throughout the whole campaign, dogged him and openly supported Hillary Clinton. No one ever knew Trump thought he was going to lose, and it was CNN’s liberal pundits and polls that convinced Trump he had no chance.

Trump focused his remarks on Wolf Blitzer, who was hosting the CNN election night panel along with Anderson Cooper, Martha Radditz, and Van Jones. They were the hacks who mislead the country, and Trump used his speech last night to get sweet revenge.

Trump really laid into them, saying, “They [CNN panel] were in an absolute state, they were like getting sick. One of them [Radditz] they say broke down and started to cry.”

Trump continued, “So we get to Pennsylvania, and they don’t want to call it. And then it happened, out of nowhere, and oh boy, they were getting sick, the map was bing, bing, bing, boy that map was getting red as hell, that map was bleeding red.”

The crowd went nuts as Trump recalled the CNN panel breaking down with every state they had to call for him. As the map behind them went red, the sicker they got, and Trump was loving every minute of it, as were all patriotic Americans watching at home.

Trump’s stage was decked out with beautiful Christmas trees and his podium’s front sign said “Merry Christmas, USA.” It was an assault on Americans’ senses; the Christmas trees, the Merry Christmas sign, and the president-elect of the United States saying “Merry Christmas,” after eight years of Barack Obama’s ridiculous political correctness stamping out everything to do with Christ and Christmas.

It truly has been a remarkable year; a year that started out with 17 GOP candidates and with Hillary Clinton waiting to claim what she thought was due her — the presidency. We end the year with a breath of fresh air. Merry Christmas is back after the dark days of the Obama regime, and the liberal media got what they deserved, losing any power they once held.

Thank God Trump won; we were so close to losing it all with Hillary. Instead, we feel free again, and the future is looking bright.

(H/T Mad World News)

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