This Woman Lost Her Job After Her Boss Saw What She Posted on Social Media

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Meet Samantha Chirichella, a 26-year-old native of West Islip, New York, who had just landed a pretty sweet job working as a staff investigator for electricity provider Con Ed.

Samantha was ready to get the ball rolling on her new gig, when suddenly the job offer was rescinded. Why was the carpet pulled out from under her? Because her soon-to-be employer found a three-year old picture on Instagram that they found to be too sexually explicit. This was after background checks and reference checks, mind you.

The picture? A shot of Samantha and another girl in a Ying and Yang position, nude in bed. The real icing on the cake is that the picture was a work of art and even entered in an exhibit all those years ago. So it begs the question, does this company have the right to terminate her employment before it begins simply because of one racy artwork?

Or is it the fact that it’s two girls featured in the photo that’s their issue?

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