This Delusional Man Brought the Weirdest Weapon Ever to a Lion Fight

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In this classic case of man vs. lion, the most dominant wins. And ironically, it’s the one with toilet paper his hand.

As Mike, a big cat enthusiast and potential clinically insane researcher, sits on the hot African safari floor, he’s approached by two male lions.

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Although their physique has reached its full potential of 500lbs, the not-so-voluminous manes prove that these males are still quite young.

Most likely recently evicted from their home pride, they are on the prowl to find a pride of their own. Instead, they’re staring into the eyes of a human.

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One big cat walks away from the drama but the one with more confidence remains curious. It begins to whip its tail and cautiously approach the man, all physical signs of a potential danger.

The lion growls and comes close enough to sniff Mike’s feet. Mike quickly gets onto his knees, holding the toilet paper in his hand as a foreign weapon, asserting his dominance and never backing down. The man never turned his back and kept his eyes on the big lion, showing that he, too, could soon become the king of the jungle.

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