A disturbing video is making the rounds today showing an American Airlines flight that was hit with severe turbulence on Saturday in an incident that left ten injured.

Western Journalism reported that three passengers and seven crew members were injured onboard flight American Airlines Flight 759 from Greece to Philadelphia. Each of the injured victims were hospitalized when the plane landed.

“I was looking forward and I just saw everything just move upwards about four feet,” passenger Alex Ehmke told NBC News. “So, I saw drinks, you know, flying up against walls and up on the ceiling.”

“The gentleman directly behind us and diagonally behind us hit the ceiling himself,” Ehmke added.


The pilot addressed passengers afterwards to say that he had not expected the turbulence to get that bad.

“We really apologize for that unexpected bump,” the pilot said. “We were expecting some light turbulence; the planes in front of us didn’t report anything. It was totally unexpected.”

ProPublica reporter Jessica Huseman, who was a passenger on the plane, said that there was “no warning at all” before the plane “lurched thru the air.”

She added that flight attendants had just handed out drinks to passengers and that the plane ended up soaked.

Passenger Ervin Fang said he felt a “big bump, like a big jump” that sent drinks and debris all over the interior of the plane.

“Wine bottles, soda cans, other debris and trash were scattered across the floor,” Fang said.

“I travel often but I never experienced turbulence like this,” he said. “It felt like if it continued any longer the plane would crack … it would crash.”

Please pray that the victims all have speedy recoveries!

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