Teen Brutally Gang Raped and Here’s Why Her Rapists May Get Away With It

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A 19-year-old girl was celebrating with friends in a bar when the next thing she knows she is tied up naked in a van, kidnapped by Mulsim men. When she pleads for mercy and told them she was a virgin, the sickos got more excited, brutalizing her over and over. Recently, these Muslim thugs were in court pleading innocent, and you’ll be horrified to hear the reason they say they should go free.

The nineteen-year-old student who attends Birmingham University is staying anonymous, but she did testify in court during the trials of the two men who took turns raping her over several hours back in February. Zaheer Abbas, 30, and Sajad Hussain, 35, had separate trials, but the two Muslim thugs were consistent in their defense — they are innocent and the girl was to blame.

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Both men relied on blaming the victim, calling her a sexual predator and saying under Islamic Sharia law they have done no wrong. Judge Mary Stacey blamed “Snobs Sports Bar” saying after the girl had become intoxicated the bouncers took her outside and left her alone to be preyed upon.

All of this was captured on CCTV, which showed the girl passed out on a bench unattended when a group of men helped Abbas and Hussain carry her into their white van. From there they take her to a secluded area in Birmingham where they learned she was a virgin, something many Muslim sexual predators highly value. These Muslim rapists said in court that under Islam having sex with this virgin girl is “lawfully” allowed and that it is not rape:

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“[Muslim men] can have unhindered and limitless sex with captive women. Since Islam is at perpetual war with all the infidels, all the women living in infidel countries are, in fact, fall under this category, at least in theory. This means that a Muslim man (whether married or not), while living in an infidel country, can sleep (that is, have sex) with any number of infidel women without even having the slightest fear of committing Zina (fornication) or adultery.”[via FaithFreedom.org]

Abbas and Hussain got 6-12 years, a very light sentence for kidnapping and gang rape. They will be out again in a few years to prey on women. As for the girl, she has dropped out of the university, and she rarely goes out of the house. Her sentence is lifelong, and the justice system raped her again when they will not address the real issues that caused her attack.

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