‘Sick Sick Sick’ – Proctor & Gamble Releases RACIST Anti-White Ad; BOYCOTT NOW

During his eight years in the White House, Barack Obama successfully divided Americans along all racial lines like no other modern president had before. Instead of working to unify races after eight years of division, popular U.S. company Proctor & Gamble continues Obama’s “legacy” to divide Americans even more with an outlandish, race-baiting commercial.

Right Wing News reported that Proctor & Gamble released a new ad this week called “The Talk,” and it features black parents explaining to their children how the world is against them because white people are racist. It’s sad that in 2017, we still have parents convincing their children that they are victims of genetics, and they’ll never succeed in life because of their skin color.

Proctor & Gamble manufactures various household products such as Cascade, Febreze, Mr. Clean, Tide, Swiffer, and Downy. This commercial is a terrible way to advertise these products, as race has absolutely nothing to do with them. Instead of telling Americans why they should buy Proctor & Gamble’s dish soap, the company is trying to shame people for being white and telling black young people that they have disadvantages based on their skin color – all this to “start a conversation.”

Unfortunately for Proctor & Gamble, Twitter users have made it clear that their new ad backfired, as many have decided to stop buying their products:

(H/T The MRC Blog)

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