SHOCK VID: Look What “Innocent” Philando Castile Did to Helpless Child Before Death

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The shooting of Philando Castile seemed like the perfect, airtight case for anti-cop protesters to use against law enforcement. A man pulled over for a broken taillight reached for his wallet and said he was legally carrying a concealed firearm. A cop shot him with his child in the car, leading to his death.

Increasing the outrage was a graphic video of Castile’s death, shot by his girlfriend, Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds.

Things began to go downhill from there. First, the Minnesota county that would have issued Castile’s concealed carry permit said that he hadn’t even filed an application for one; the gun was being illegally carried.

Then, it came out that he wasn’t being pulled over for a broken taillight when he was stopped in Falcon Heights, Minnesota on July 6. He actually matched the description of a man who committed an armed robbery in the area the day before.

But what about the child, you may ask? Well, it’s not as if either Philando Castile or Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds abstained from doing things they shouldn’t have with their child in the car. New video shows that both of them would do drugs while driving with their child in the backseat.

The videos, unbelievably, were posted to Reynolds’ Facebook account. (WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE)

Oh well. At least it was a one-time occurrence, something that happened while they were … oh, wait, there’s another video of Reynolds doing drugs in their car with their kid present?

In this one, Philando Castile doesn’t seem to be present (although it’s difficult to tell, thanks to the fact that Reynolds seems very impressed with her ability to inhale marijuana and dedicates almost every moment to filming herself). At 2:09, she also seems to intimate that she sells drugs, something that would intimate they were perhaps deeper in crime than just the average stoner couple.

Of course, I’m sure they never drove their daughter around while stoned.

This doesn’t mean that the shooting of Philando Castile was justified, and for all we know this could be a case for the courts. Whatever the matter, though, it’s not a case for the court of public opinion — especially when that opinion is manipulated by the omission of facts by the media.


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