Russia Sends Its Final Warning to the US

Foreign Minister Lavrov has stated that Russia will respond in “Proportion” to any US strike on Syria. This is the real first step that we have seen that Russia will stand for President Assad in the face of any aggression by Western leaders. Also more evidence arises that nations are supporting the known terrorist groups in the region. Sweden has given new identities to its citizens that have fought for ISIS, and Arms have been found by the Syrian Military with Hebrew labels suggesting that Israel has backed al Qaeda.

Breaking News Russian observers are said to have evacuated fro Afrin Syria for what is believed to be an imminent Offensive by Turkey. At the same time CNN has reported that according to military sources the US could strike the Syrian Military at any time. will Putin allow Syrian to crumble under US coalition attack?

From Fox Business News

Use of chemical weapons against Syrians is a threat to global security: Gorka

Deputy Assistant to the President, Dr. Sebastian Gorka weighs in on current House bills up for vote that would set stricter penalties for previously deported illegal immigrants re-entering the country and how the White House would respond to threats from Syria.


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