Police Chase Ends With Suspect Going for Swim in the Ocean, But Then the Shark Spots Him

We’ve all seen crazy police chases where the suspect ditches their vehicle then attempts to make a getaway on foot. In the end, police generally catch up, taking the wannabe criminal into custody.

But what happened in Surf City, North Carolina, took a police chase right into the ocean.

Twenty-year-old Zachary Kingsbury was pulled over in a routine traffic stop. The officer saw contraband in his car and asked him to step outside of his car for further questioning, according to Port City Daily.

Kingsbury did just that. However, he had the instinct to flee, so he took off running for the beach. The ocean wasn’t a barrier for him, either. Kingsbury headed right into the81-degree water and started to swim away.

Law enforcement didn’t jump in after him, though. Instead, a drone went out to conduct surveillance on the waterborne suspect.

It didn’t take long for Kingsbury to be in trouble with more than law after a shark spotted him. To make matters worse: the shark started to follow him.

The authorities rescued the suspect, according to The News and Observer:

So the police pursuit became a rescue that Pender County emergency crews, the U.S. Coast Guard, the Surf City Fire Department and Topsail Beach police all joined.

It took nearly two hours for Kingsbury to be rescued and taken into custody near North Topsail Beach where he was arrested and taken to the Pender County Jail.

Kingsbury swam well over a mile before being apprehended by law enforcement.


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