PHOTOS: Viewers Tune In To Cooking Show, Shocked By What Chef Isn’t Wearing

If you weren’t yet convinced of the fact that our society has slipped to unprecedented depths of moral depravity, look no further than raunchy reporter Jenny Scordamaglia’s ‘The Naked Kitchen’ show for the proof you need. When viewers tuned into for the cooking show, they were stunned by what the chef wasn’t wearing.

While many women don an apron in the kitchen so as not to dirty themselves, Scordamaglia and her guests cannot be bothered with such precautions. Indeed, they are already quite dirty, and an apron would only defeat the salacious premise of their program.

A NEW steamy cooking show features the world’s most daring TV host and a cheeky chef who strip off their clothes while making tasty dishes.

The Naked Kitchen show on Miami TV is the latest offering from raunchy reporter Jenny Scordamaglia. [Source: The Sun]
The Naked Kitchen has been lauded as “daring” by the media, who are perhaps the biggest cohorts in what appears to be a quest towards unseen levels of debauchery. What would really be “daring” would be a modern woman who succeeds while still maintaining her modesty; in other words, someone willing to work hard enough to achieve success through persistent and intelligence, rather than taking the easy way out by taking their clothes off.

Scordamaglia’s newfound fame as a television star sends a disturbing message to young girls who are already constantly bombarded with the premise that their most valuable assets are their breasts and buttocks. Why pursue good grades and an education when taking your shirt off is so easy and likely to garner you much more money and attention?

However, Scordamaglia insists she is doing nothing uncouth.

In a YouTube video announcing the programme last summer, Scordamaglia insisted the videos were ‘absolutely not erotic’

She said: ‘Sometimes things don’t go as planned and we have to order pizza, but most of the time it goes well.

‘It’s not a cooking show where you’re gonna learn how to make food, but it definitely makes the time go by easier and you laugh a bit. It’s just about having fun.’ [Source: Daily Mail]

The Naked Kitchen show is nothing more than pornography masquerading as a culinary program, and Jenny Scordamaglia is no better than an exotic dancer who takes her clothes off to earn a quick buck; one may be able to whip up a soufflé, but both degrade themselves to mere pieces of flesh.

(H/T Mad World News)

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