P Diddy Just Announced Vile Plan For To Get Rid Of All White NFL Players

Perhaps the most telling and quite frankly humorous moments regarding the continued NFL saga, was first listening to Commissioner Roger Goodell doing a 360-degree “about-face” regarding the National Anthem and then watching a variety of black sportscasters and assorted political pundits going into a racially induced meltdown, using words like “plantation, slave-master”, and my favorite “bondage” in describing million dollar athletes being finally forced to stand for our National Anthem.

No doubt the most humiliating moment for Goodell must have been to finally realize that he’s out of step with the vast majority of NFL fans after once again seeing a 17% drop in viewership from the previous week of the young season, which is only into it’s 5thweek, thus his new-found patriotism stating; “like many of our fans, we believe that everyone should stand” during the singing of the “Star-spangled Banner.”

However, when it comes to the “holy grail” of skin pigmentation among African-Americans, all logic, common sense, and honesty is lost. Thus some will still play the race card come Sunday, taking a knee and perhaps raising a fist in defiance, which plays well within the inner cities of America.

Moreover one of those victims seems to be millionaire rapper Sean “P. Diddy” Combs who took to social media and apparently decided to borrow a line from Dr. King “I have a dream” speech by announcing his own “dream” of creating an all black football league of his very own.

Which begs the question (aside from the obvious racism attached), with only 13% of the population being African-American how does “Diddy” plan on filling the seats, once he’s alienated the majority?

Perhaps “P. Diddy” should actually use Commissioner Roger Goodell as an example of what not to do, in that America “like it or not” is a center-right country “P. Diddy” and those athletes taking a knee at the playing of our National Anthem are in the minority, at least for the foreseeable future.

Do you think millionaire rappers like Sean “P. Diddy” Combs and NFL players use the race card to simply hype their own image as angry black men within their communities?

(H/T US Herald)

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