Obama Makes Major Move Against Bald Eagle – Tries To Destroy National Bird

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Barack Hussein Obama has placed his climate change agenda over everything from the military to actual energy production. Now, he is putting it above the bald eagle, which is the beloved national bird of this great nation.

According to Newsmax, the Obama administration has revised a rule in order to permit wind-energy companies to kill or maim thousands of eagles with their giant turbine blades.

The new Fish and Wildlife plan allows companies utilizing the giant wind turbines to kill or injure up to 4,200 bald or golden eagles per year with no penalty.

Conservative Tribune reported that this is an increase in the previous limit by more than four-fold.

Obama is trying to spin this announcement in a positive way for birds, claiming that the wind farms will supposedly slow climate change, which is killing birds…

The fact that Obama is now killing bald eagles symbolizes how he has really feld about the United States all along. SHARE if you want this man OUT of the White House!

(H/T Mr. Conservative)

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