Obama Blocks Release Of Hillary Docs Until AFTER Election

Republicans and Democrats, alike, have been anxiously waiting to see if Hillary Clinton’s corruption would bite her in a big way before the November presidential election.

One issue that has threatened to do damage to Clinton’s campaign has been the so-called Trans-Pacific Partnership — a controversial, 12-nation trade deal promoted by Clinton and President Barack Obama.

However, when the International Business Times submitted an open records request for correspondence between Clinton’s State Department and the United States Trade Representative, the Obama administration abruptly blocked the release of any emails about the TPP.

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The records request, which was submitted in July 2015, specifically asked for all such correspondence that made reference to the TPP.

The State Department originally estimated that the request would be completed by April 2016.

But, on May 31, the agency said it had completed the search process for the correspondence, however the request would not be actually completed until late November 2016 — conveniently weeks after the presidential election.

The trade deal has been a hard issue for Clinton to explain, and her position on the issue has shifted as many Democratic voters have expressed disagreement with it, including rival Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The Democrat front-runner promoted the TPP at least 45 times during her tenure as secretary of state, selling the deal as something that would “bind” countries together, “increase stability,” and “promote security,” according to CNN.

In 2015, however, Clinton claimed that she “did not work on TPP,” as if we would all just forget her many, many statements in support of the deal and leaked State Department records showed that her agency was involved in diplomatic discussions about the multi-nation pact.

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Then, in October, Clinton announced she opposed the deal, saying that she never fully backed it in the first place.

The records request would show just how involved Hillary Clinton’s State Department was in shaping the trade agreement — something voters deserve to know.

Of course, we’re not surprised Obama has protected Clinton from another revelation of her lies and attempts to mislead the American people. Clinton is his best chance of his progressive policies being continued, so he will likely do whatever it takes to ensure that she has the best chance possible in November.

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