New Map Shows Likely North Korean Nuclear Targets in the USA

Kim Jong-Un’s nuclear ambitions are creating quite a stir among South Korea, Japan, and the United States. For years the rogue regime has issued threats against the West, saying that it will use its (to-be-completed) nuclear program to wipe out their opponents.

Their alleged targets included locations on the West Coast, and in Alaska and Hawaii. However, a new map reveals that the totalitarian regime has plans that go far beyond just the West Coast.

Business Insider reports that a map from 2013 was just discovered that reveals several locations on U.S. soil that the regime would likely target in an attack.

Each of these locations has an important strategic value. San Diego is home to the U.S Navy’s PACOM port, which is where many of the ships that would respond to a North Korean attack would be stationed if not at sea.

Hawaii has Pacific Command, which oversees all Pacific units.

Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana is where the Air Force’s Global Strike Command is located. This branch would respond with Minutemen II Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles in the event of an attack.

And Washington D.C. is where the Commander in Chief lives, plus a plethora of other top government officials. Striking a blow to the nation’s capital would be devastating.

Business Insider makes note of an important detail about this map:

All in all, the targets selected by North Korea demonstrate a knowledge of the US’s nuclear command and control, but as they come from a propaganda image, they should be taken with a grain of salt.

North Korea has developed nuclear weapons as a means of regime security, according to more than a dozen experts interviewed by Business Insider. If Kim ever shot a nuclear-armed missile the US’s way, before the missiles even landed, US satellites in space would spot the attack and the president would order a return fire likely before the first shots even landed.

In essence, he would get one strike at the United States and that would be it. The United States could suffer a huge blow, but the nation of North Korea would not exist if Kim Jon-Un presses the proverbial red button.

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