Muslims Put White Boy In Hospital, Didn’t Know Who They Were Messing With

A Muslim gang recently attacked a white Westerner outside of a supermarket, which landed him in the hospital. Unfortunately for Islamists, they didn’t know who they were messing with — and things were about to take a horrific turn for the entitled punks.

The incident took place in yet another Western nation that has allowed for virtually countless Muslims to cross their borders without question.

Unfortunately for one man who was merely minding his own business at a supermarket inForssa, Finland, he was about to get a taste of Islamic culture, showing Islam’s tolerant of infidels.

A group of 15 Muslims from a nearby asylum center had ventured outside their gated community to confront the infidel.

Armed with metal bars and sticks, the Muslim gang attacked one man to the point he was hospitalized before they also threatened onlookers and others nearby.

Unfortunately for the Muslims, it seems that the idiots didn’t have a clue who they were messing with – but they soon got a wake-up call.

After hearing what had happened, a large number of Finnish vigilantes gathered the next day and traveled down to the asylum center for some justified revenge.

With a few of the violent eruptions caught on video, Finnish nationals entered in large numbers and enacted some justice by beating a few of the Muslim attackers.

Although the Muslims were quick to fight back, they soon learned just how bad of an idea that was when they were beaten just as they had done to the hospitalized boy the day before.


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