Mother Receives Shocking Sentence For Smothering Her 2 Kids To Death, Explains Why She Did It

Authorities sentenced an Indiana mother to 130 years in prison on June 29 for smothering her two children to death.

Amber Pasztor, 30, was also diagnosed as as bipolar and schizophrenic and will undergo mental health treatment before entering prison, reports The Associated Press.

Pasztor killed 7-year-old Lilliana Hernandez and 6-year-old Rene Pasztor on Sept. 26, 2016 while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

The mother kidnapped her children from their custodial grandparents’ home, WDRB reports. Pasztor kicked in the door of her father’s home so she could take the children.

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Pasztor previously said she decided to kill the kids when authorities issued an Amber Alert.

“I knew the police was gonna get us,” she elaborated, saying she didn’t have the heart to shoot them so smothered them instead. “And with me behind bars and my kids out here with all my problems; no. Sorry. No. I’m not that selfish. I’m not a coward.”

“My kids are in a better place,” she added. “They don’t have no worries no more.”

“I gave them a choice,” she said. “That they can live traumatized like their mom, or they can go to heaven with God and be better off.”

That same day, the children’s bodies were found in the stolen car of neighbor Frank Macomber.

Pasztor is also facing charges for shooting Macomber to death. She allegedly shot Macomber, then drove off with his car with the children in the back seat.

Pasztor’s attorney said she would have not committed the murders if it were not for her mental illness and drugs.

“Essentially, she poisoned herself over the course of two years,” defense lawyer Peter Soldato said.

During the trial, Pasztor also expressed remorse for her actions.

“I do believe you’re sorry,” Judge Michael Christofeno responded. “But that unfortunately does not undo this horrific act.”

News of Pasztor’s crime shocked many on social media. Some thought she deserved the death penalty for her actions.

“This world is insane,,,, that’s not enough…. Ill supply the pillow !!!!” commented one WDRB reader.

“I agree, do the same to her as she did to them and just before she passes out do it again,” added another. “As the good book says, ‘An eye for an eye’.”

Others defended her because of her mental illness.

“Amber did something awful, but she’s clearly mentally ill,” wrote one Reddit user. “She’s not a monster, she needs treatment.”


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