Mom Going To Jail After Seeing What Daughter Was Doing In The Living Room


In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a mother had no clue what her teen daughter had been up to when she came home and saw what was happening in the living room. She decided to take matters into her own hands and now is sitting in prison, knowing she did what she felt she needed to do.

Evelyn Ramos, 40, found the situation all too familiar when her daughter came to her in their living room with an admission that sent the mother into a fit of rage. Standing before her, the teen girl was “trembling, crying, barely able to get the words out,” Evelyn explained, when her child told her what a family member had done.

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According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the girl said that 52-year-old Juan Teutor had “touched every part of her body,” which Ramos had every reason to believe since the same relative had molested her in the past as well. She had personally never recovered from that when all the angry feelings were brought back to the surface ten fold with her daughter’s tearful admission. However, the molester isn’t the one behind bars.

With the help of her 21-year-old son, Hector E. Rodriguez Jr., and a 16-year-old accomplice, Ramos went to Teutor’s apartment to confront him on her daughter’s allegations against him. He confessed to having molested the teen, which was all the mother and former victim of his perversions needed to hear before inflicting long-awaited justice in her pent up rage toward him.

The mother said she was just “trying to protect her baby” when she grabbed a nearby knife in Teutor’s home and began stabbing him in the arm. The three superficial wounds didn’t suffice, so she went for the side of his torso with the blade, in the final stab that took his life.

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Ramos and Rodriguez have now learned their fate for the vengeful attack that took place in September of 2015, both having been sentenced to jail time for taking the law into their own hands. Her son pleaded guilty in April to his part, and he received a reduced charge of substantial battery and was sentenced to time served, which was 172 days in prison. His mother was facing 12 years in prison, but the court saw the situation for what it was — a victim getting long overdue justice for herself and now her daughter. Her sentence was reduced to four years of supervised release and will get credit for the 255 days she’s been in jail since pleading guilty.

“I regret it. It was not my place to do what I did, but I had to protect my baby and at the moment I felt it was all I could do,” Ramos said in court.

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