Mike Rowe Asks Presidental Candidates To Help Raise Money For Charity, But Only One Replies


A few months ago, renowned entrepreneur Mike Rowe asked then-presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump and Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton to each donate one piece of swag to help him raise money, and as of late July, only the billionaire candidate had taken him up on his offer.

“Thanks to the magical synapses of social media, I am now in receipt of a genuine Trump bathrobe,” Rowe explained in a Facebook post published on July 22, adding that he intended to wear it and then auction it off to raise money.

Two days later, the eBay auction for the bathrobe was already up to $10,950, all of which would go toward awarding $600,000 in work-ethic scholarships to 151 recipients across the country.

Congratulations are certainly in order for both Mr. Rowe and Mr. Donald J. Trump.

But congratulations are NOT in order for Hillary Clinton, who, by July 24, had yet to respond to Rowe’s request or even acknowledge the existence of the mikeroweWORKS charity foundation.

Granted, she might still respond to his request, but given what we know about her priorities in life, which include raising generous sums of money from Wall Street (for herself) and coddling “Black Lives Matter” activists, I realistically expect nothing from her — and neither should Rowe.

Though know-nothing liberals praise her as some sort of champion for the distressed and downtrodden, as conservatives we know better.

We know her for her truth-worth, which is that of a slimy, conniving and diseased rat whose ultimate goals in life center around two and only two things: money and power.

(H/T Federalist Papers)

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