Malia’s Disgusting Skeleton Comes Out Of The Closet Just 2 Weeks Into Her Freshman Year At Harvard

Malia Obama spent the last 12-months in a “gap year” after graduating high school which is all over now that her parents seemingly forced her into getting started at Harvard. Perhaps this was in part to keep up the “perfect” facade they worked hard at maintaining for eight years, but now the eldest Obama daughter’s skeletons are coming out of the closet and it doesn’t look too good for her or or parents.

The presidential princess enjoyed her substantial time off by attending concerts, clubbing, and other inebriated adventures. While she acted like an adult, she didn’t seem to realize that this can also result in big consequences when you’re not under mommy and daddy’s roof anymore.

Malia Obama has been raised with privilege and entitlement and now that she’s not a “kid” anymore, she’s opened herself up to public scrutiny with her adult antics — despite what rules liberals claim about “kids” being off limits, so long as they aren’t President Trump’s grandkids.

As we previously reported, the former First Daughter was out on the town in New York City, when she was caught in a situation that could very well result in criminal action taken — not just against her, but someone else as well.

The 18-year-old was let into a Soho club in the city that was meant for patrons who are only 21-years or older. This is the first time for the teen who seems to have been taught by her dad that rules don’t apply to the Obamas, the same way they do to the rest of the country. Now as a civilian, her actions could be held against her, which isn’t something that little miss Malia was expecting when she verbally attacked White House correspondent, Lucian B. Wintrich,  who represents the Gateway Pundit

As Wintrich was enjoying a night out with friends, his path crossed with Malia’s, who he claimed that she seemed to be intoxicated. The former First Daughter called him “disgusting” after verifying he was who he is and then was about to berate him further when she was pulled away from the scene by her own security (or babysitters, as it seems).

“This reckless behavior is typical of a spoiled brat who considers herself above the law,” theAngry Patriot Movement reported. “Malia decided to confront a man minding his own business, knowing she had the protection of her security force and the backing of the liberal drinking establishment.”

Now, furious citizens want to see to it that if she’s going to act like an adult, she should deal with real consequences of her decisions rather than assuming she’s above it, if in fact she was drinking at the establishment as Wintrich alleged.

Commenters on our original report of this incident are calling for both Malia and the club she was at the be held accountable to being served and serving an underage patron.

Although it’s not uncommon for underage socialites to receive preferential treatment outside the law; if you’re going to enjoy the benefits of the nepotism, one should suffer the consequences of the poor example set for others from their public platform.

This is all coming back to light since she’s now in a circumstance where this habit of making poor decisions is only going to get worse. We saw that in the days leading up to her departure to college, where she seemed to have gotten so intoxicated that she had to be hauled off on a gold cart by her security detail. Her issues didn’t stop there.

While painted as a sweet little girl and now college co-ed, Malia has a bit of a temperamental attitude, which originally came out at the club when she confronted this conservative pundit. This temperament surfaced again on campus last week when an elderly woman asked for a picture with her, which Malia wasn’t interested in.

Daily Mail reports:

It’s been less than a week since Malia Obama moved into her dorm and officially became Harvard University’s most famous freshman.

It appears the public attention is beginning to grate on the 19-year-old former first daughter.

Barack and Michelle Obama’s first-born reacted angrily Saturday to a gawker who waited outside a campus store in order to snap a picture of the famous former occupant of the White House, TMZ reported.

According to the celebrity gossip site, an onlooker saw a woman approach Malia who was grabbing a salad on campus and kindly requested a photo for her grandson. Rather than simply smiling for the camera for two seconds, Malia took a much different approach to the request which left the witness stunned.

TMZ reports that Malia first turned the request down and finished making her lunch purchase. The grandmother had left the salad station and went outside the shop. When Malia exited, the woman quickly snapped a picture of her walking out to which Malia replied, “Are you gonna take it in my face like an animal in a cage?

Malia’s attitude issues toward the public have been well hidden by her parents who are masters at putting on a front for the American people. It’s in full-view now that she’s on her own and quick to lash out at anyone who asks for a picture.

(H/T Freedom Daily)

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