If You Ever Wondered What Hillary Clinton Planned to Do as President, Just Listen to Her Leak It Here

In case you ever wondered what a Hillary Clinton presidency would look like, the former first lady and defeated 2016 presidential candidate gave us a sneak peek this week.

Speaking at UC Davis campus in California, Clinton was hocking her book, “What Happened.” The interviewer complained during a Q&A that the 2016 election was not about substance. Specifically, he lamented that Clinton had detailed information and position papers on her website, but “I missed most of them.”

Clinton was so excited to answer the question she let slip just a bit what she had truly planned for her presidency.

Clinton blamed the media for not talking about policy first before saying, “It always used to matter.”

Clinton noted that some of the academics in the room were working with her on the following issues. It’s worth printing the full quote here:

“They were so dedicated, so smart and they were coming up with how we were going to get to universal health care and how we were going to deal with immigration and how we were going to get incomes rising again and tax the wealthy to pay for programs…”

There you have it. She said it.

Tax the wealthy and government-run health care.


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