Home Invader Poops Himself After Being Shot by Armed Woman [VIDEO]


A man in Ocala, Florida is recovering from a gunshot wound today after being shot by an armed homeowner during a home invasion. 27 year old Victor Alex Etherington is currently in intensive care at an area hospital. [Scroll Down For Video]

Police say Etherington broke into a Northwest Ocala home by kicking in the door. He then chased the female homeowner into the bedroom. According to local media reports, this is how it went down:

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The incident happened Sunday evening when Etherington started knocking on the 54-year-old homeowner’s window and demanded she let him in, deputies said.

The victim was not identified by investigators. The woman told Etherington to leave, but he kicked in the door and chased her upstairs to her bedroom, deputies said.

The woman told investigators she locked the door, called 911 and armed herself with a .22 caliber handgun.

She locked herself in the bedroom closet when Etherington forced his way into the bedroom, deputies said.

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Once inside, the man took off his shorts — “which he had defecated in” — and forced his way into the closet, at which point the homeowner shot him in the stomach, a sheriff’s office report said.

Etherington was intoxicated at the time of the home invasion, and authorities have not been able to find any other motive for the crime. The homeowner will not face any charges in the case.

Etherington is expected to survive his wounds. Police are waiting to file charges until they can first interview Etherington after he is well enough.

(H/T Controversial Times)

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