Hollywood Blackballs Country Singer Luke Bryan After He Says THIS About Obama

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Like any good patriot, I become enraged when I hear anyone insult the men and women of the US military. Country music singer Luke Bryan agrees, and he let liberals who slam the military know exactly what he thinks of them during an epic rant at a recent concert.

After helping a young fan celebrate her 21st birthday by bringing her onstage, Bryan got serious when he issued a message to those who disparage our troops. He began by talking about how much he loves the hit movie American Sniper, which tells the story of American hero Chris Kyle.

“Last night in Indiana, in Evansville, I went and saw American Sniper. If you don’t like that movie you can kiss all our a**es!” Bryan said, according to The Political Insider. “I wanna thank all our troops, our armed forces, those that keep us free, our military. Thank you so much!”

Thank you, Luke Bryan, for taking a stand for the US military. SHARE this story if you will ALWAYS support our troops!

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