Hillary Gets The Worst News Of Her Life… IT’S HAPPENING

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The mainstream media is doing their best to make it look like presumptive GOP presidential nominee has absolutely no chance of beating his presumptive Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. Much to President Obama’s dismay, however, new polls have revealed that this could not be further from the truth.

A Quinnipiac University survey released Tuesday revealed that Clinton and Trump are virtually tied in the crucial swing states of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania. According to Allen B. West, Clinton has a small lead over Trump in Florida with 43% compared to his 42% support. Trump holds the lead in Ohio with 43% to Clinton’s 39%. However, Clinton takes a tiny lead in Pennsylvania with 43% to Trump’s 42%.

Independent voters in Florida are split between the two candidates with 39% behind each one. In Ohio, 40% of independent voters said they would back Trump while 37% said they would be behind Clinton.

Rush Limbaugh wrote on his website that the political world had been rocked by these polls.

So all the conventional wisdom out of the box is already turned upside down.  Hillary is supposed to be cleaning Trump’s clock in Florida because of the women divide, the gender gap per se, and the fact that the conventional wisdom says that Hispanics hate Trump.  And so now the left, the liberals, the Democrats, they’re trying to concoct excuses for this.  “Well,” they’re saying, “this is just Trump’s postnomination bounce.”

Yeah, well, what’s the problem with that?  Trump hasn’t been nominated yet.  There hasn’t been the convention.  The postnomination bounce is actually called a postconvention bounce, and there hasn’t been the convention yet. Therefore, there hasn’t been a bounce.

These polls also came as devastating news to Obama, since he knows Trump will destroy all of his ridiculous programs and agendas. SHARE this story if you’re supporting Trump!

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