Here Are the 3 People On Trump’s Vice President Shortlist


With Ted Cruz out of the presidential race, and John Kasich’s departure on Wednesday, Donald Trump is the presumptive 2016 GOP presidential nominee.

And now he gets to pick who he wants to run on his ticket with him. While we won’t know who that is until Trump makes an announcement, a source with the Trump campaign told CNN about the potentials who are on the billionaire’s shortlist.

They are:

1. South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley:

A Trump and Haley ticket would be interesting, to say the least. Mainly, because Haley has already declined the possible offer. According to the New York Times, she doesn’t want to be associated with Donald’s “angry-tone.”

2. Ohio Senator Rob Portman:

Portman hasn’t said much about Trump during the election. However, he did say that he will back Trump if he is the nominee in the general election. Portman, who was on Romney’s shortlist in 2012, has a 40% high approval rating vs. a 28% disapproval rating with Ohio voters.

3. New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez:

While Arizona Governor Jan Brewer endorsed Trump this election, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez has yet to make a move. She has emphatically stated that she will not support Hillary Clinton. As far as being Trump’s VP, the Albuquerque Journal reported:

Chris Sanchez, another Martinez spokesman, told CNN she wasn’t interested.

“The governor has said repeatedly over the years that she isn’t interested in serving as vice president,” Sanchez said. “She appreciates that such attention puts New Mexico in the spotlight, but she is fully committed to serving the people of our state.”

After Kasich dropped out, Trump also floated the Ohio governor as a possible choice in an interview with CNN.

While Romney had Paul Ryan, only time will tell who ‘The Donald’ picks. What candidate would you like to see as Trump’s running mate?

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