Chainsaw Attack Leaves Multiple Injuries And Police On Active Manhunt

Swiss Chainsaw Attacker Found After Major Manhunt

“We didn’t see him as a threat or anything.”

After being on the run, a suspect in a chainsaw attack on a health insurer’s office in northern Switzerland has been caught.

Franz Wrousis was arrested in Thalwil, around 28 miles from the scene of the attack in Schaffhausen, ABC News reports.

Two workers at the insurer’s office were wounded when Wrousis used a chainsaw to attack them. Two customers also suffered from shock and a bystander was slightly injured during the ensuing police operation.

Only one victim was seriously injured, though the injuries were not considered life-threatening.

Police say Wrousis had been a customer of the insurance agency.

“The suspect targeted our company. He wanted to harm our employees,” Christina Wettstein, a spokesperson for the insurance company CSS, told CNN, “but we cannot say exactly what the motive was. All we know is he wanted to harm our employees.”

The Swiss police mobilized 300 officers to search for the suspect, The New York Times reports.

While was in progress, all insurance agency offices within the immediate area were shut down, and children’s holiday activities were cancelled.

A resident of the area where the suspect’s car was found said he “looked like a schizophrenic, but we didn’t think that it would be that bad. We didn’t see him as a threat or anything. We didn’t think that he was dangerous, but yeah, definitely he was a strange guy,” The Telegraph reports.

In 2014 and 2016 Wrousis was charged for having illegal weapons, but wasn’t sentenced to prison, according to Shaffhausen prosecutor Peter Sticher.

When Wrousis was arrested, police found a plastic bag containing two crossbows loaded with arrows and two sticks with spiked tips, Sticher said at a press conference.

“The arrest took place without protest; he behaved himself and was cooperative,” Sticher said.

Wroussis has been handed over to the authorities in Schaffhausen, where he has been charged with committing multiple personal assaults.

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