Can You Spot The Problem Her School Had With Her ‘Revealing’ Outfit?

A Kentucky girl was astounded after being told that her outfit didn’t meet dress code standards, and she was sent home. The only thing is, many people across social media are having a hard time distinguishing exactly what is inappropriate about what she wore to school.

Can You Spot The Problem Her School Had With Her ‘Revealing’ Outfit?
Image of a Kentucky high school student (Photo Credit: Imgur)

The incident was posted to Reddit, describing the events involving a teen who attends Woodford County High in Versailles, Kentucky. She was purportedly called to the principal’s office regarding her outfit. Of course, the girl saw nothing wrong with what she was wearing so she was a bit more than perplexed to find out the reasoning.

Once there, she was shocked to be told that she would have to be sent home if she could not find a way to cover up her collar bones as it was against the school’s dress code, asOpposing Views reports. The picture posted to Imgur was accompanied with the self-explanatory description, “Female students are not allowed to show their collarbone because it’s distracting the male students.”

The girl’s mother had brought in a scarf that covered “95% of her neck and chest,” but she expressed displeasure with the school’s “outdated” policy. Unfortunately, the teen was still sent home, despite the fact she had actually covered up.

Can You Spot The Problem Her School Had With Her ‘Revealing’ Outfit?
Image of a Kentucky high school student’s “inappropriate” outfit (Photo Credit: Imgur)
Image of a Kentucky high school student’s cover-up that wasn’t good enough for the school (Photo Credit: Imgur)

Of course, both the student and her mother were more than baffled but really couldn’t do anything about it, seeing how it was clearly outlined in the school’s dress code. Although most people say the case is utterly ridiculous, there is a surprising number of Redditors who state that it isn’t all that unheard of.

“They tried to ban girls from wearing anything that could reveal their bra strap for the same reason in my high school, so the girls just stopped wearing bras,” wrote one user. “Then they tried to make bras mandatory. Turns out a teacher asking a 16-year-old if she’s wearing a bra or not could have some unfortunate legal ramifications.”

This may actually be a thing of the past – at least for Woodford County High – as a petitionhad been drafted previous to the incident in hopes of changing the outdated policy. The petition had already gained quite a bit of support. The most recent occurrence has only fueled the effort, prompting parents to speak out louder than ever.

In all reality, there really shouldn’t be a fight over being modest, but the question comes down to what is “good enough.” On the other hand, the sole reasoning for the school’s decision here can hint toward potential victim blaming.

There’s a big difference between doing what’s best for someone and forcing someone to do something because another is unable to control themselves like a normal human being. Should a girl be able to show excessive cleavage or butt cheeks in school? No – but you also have to hold the boys to a certain standard of behavior as well.

There’s no arguing that rules are rules, but do you actually see anything wrong with this teen’s outfit? I mean, she’s actually wearing a piece of clothing that contains the word “cover-up” as its description.

(H/T Mad World News)

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