BREAKING: Obama’s Horrific Secret Out After 12 U.S. Fighter Jets Suddenly Crash And Kill Marines

Three United States Marines are assumed to be deceased after an aircraft failed to land, causing it to crash into the sea along the coast of eastern Australia. The rescue mission has been called off. Authorities are now shifting their efforts into a recovery mode. The crash included 26 service members. 23 were rescued, but three remained missing when the MV-22 Osprey crashed into the water.

Authorities are unsure what exactly caused the crash and an investigation is pending. John Kelly, chief of staff, has notified President Trump of the disaster.

The Osprey had launched from the USS Bonhomme Richard and was conducting regularly scheduled operations when it crashed into the water, the statement said. The ship’s small boats and aircraft immediately responded in the search and rescue efforts.

The Osprey is a tilt-rotor aircraft that takes off and lands like a helicopter but flies like an airplane. They have been involved in a series of high-profile crashes in recent years.

What’s wrong with the Osprey if it keeps being involved in crashes? There has to be a connection among the crashes. There has to be a common denominator that connects the crashes and helps technicians figure out a way to prevent future crashes. Did budget cuts cause people to use cheaper materials and parts? Did the pilots not get trained properly?

It was only weeks ago when a Marine cargo plane randomly lost control in the sky and crashed horrendously into the Mississippi Delta. There were 15 Marines and a Navy Corpsman on board and all lost their lives.

Reports state a very sick statistic about the Marine Corps fighter jets that suggests about 70 percent of the fighter jets can’t fly because there’s a wild shortage of spare parts. Pilots also have much less practice flight hours. This is all a result of budget cuts to Military spending which has potentially occurred under the leadership of former President Obama. So far there’s already been four more aviation crashes than last year. This stresses the importance of not cutting military spending. The soldiers deserve top quality equipment and proper training. The government must provide a proper budget so that our men and women fighting for freedom have the most training and best equipment.

About 70 percent of the Marine Corps fighter jets can’t fly due to a shortage of spare parts, and reduced flights hours after years of budget cuts, officials say. U.S. military non-combat aviation crashes have totaled 12 in 2017, compared to 8 during the same period in 2016.

If the statistic was 7 percent, then it might be acceptable to have a handful of jets in a fleet be unable to fly. But to see a staggering 70 percent of Marine fighter jets unable to take the air is a very frightening and sad number. It also makes you wonder if the jets in the air are properly taken care of. Do the Marines have enough in the budget to ensure their jets are in perfect flying condition? You can’t cut corners and skimp on the budget when it comes to our military safety.

The aircraft was in Australia for a joint military training exercise held by the U.S. and Australia last month in Shoalwater Bay. The Talisman Sabre exercise, a biennial event between the two nations, involved more than 30,000 troops and 200 aircraft.

Australian Defense Minister Marise Payne said Saturday’s incident occurred off the coast of Shoalwater Bay in Queensland state.

“I can confirm no Australian Defence Force personnel were on board the aircraft,” Payne said in a statement. “The United States are leading the search and recovery effort.”

Payne said she had spoken with U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis “to offer Australia’s support in any way that can be of assistance.”

It’s always sad when the USA and its allies suffer a loss in any form of military. From accidental crashes or attacks, it’s all still extremely sad and unfortunate. When you learn that previous budget cuts to military spending could have indirectly contributed to the downward spiral of aircraft and the loss of life of our soldiers, then you can only hope that the budget is fixed.

Our military should always have enough money to ensure our men and women have proper training and equipment. Cutting spending that forbids them the ability to have more than 30% of their planes in the air is a horrible way to manage a budget.

If Obama cut spending on the military, then is he indirectly responsible for the increase in the number of crashes from this year, compared to last year? Where should American military spending focus most of their attention? Should it be more training, better parts, and equipment, or a combination of both?

No matter what happens, it needs to be fixed.

Budget cuts should not be done in places where our freedom could one day rely on it.

If you want to cut spending, then cut something like the free lunch program in American schools. It’s disgusting food anyway and you wouldn’t see Michelle Obama eating it – so why should the kids?

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