BREAKING: Details of False Flag Chemical Attack Planned! When and Where?

When and where will the C.I.A. stage the false flag operation in order to justify an unlawful US invasion of Syria?

SOTN Editor’s Note:

This post was predicated on the fact that the MSM is baselessly going after Assad again. The British press is predicting another false flag chemical attack in Syria which they state is currently in the works. The mainstream media — both in the US and UK — has colluded in putting out fake news about ‘another’ Syrian government-directed gas attack on civilians even though they have never executed one. The hostilities are getting very serious in view of the U.S. Air Force being recently banned from Syrian airspace by Russia. Battleground communication between the two superpowers has also been cut off.

The article posted below clearly spells out the only remaining alternative for the Western warmongers. The US, UK, Israel and Saudi Arabia are quite desperate to tear up the regional geopolitical chessboard known as the Northern Levant. They engineered the fake Syrian Civil War explicitly to rearrange that chessboard in their favor.

However, now that Qatar has left the reservation for good their desperation only grows by the day. The whole Middle East is now a tinderbox that can blow with the slightest provocation or false flag attack. And the psypchopathocracies of the West do not care in the least about how big of a conflagration results from their unending machinations.

Saudi Arabia Reveals Itself As Psychopathocracy, Dictates To Gas-Rich Qatar

SOTN is just finishing a piece on how Trump’s foreign policy has been completely hijacked by the Neocon Zionists. The rapidly devolving situation in Syria shows how. As usual, it’s either the US Ambassador to the United Nations or the US Secretary of State who carries water for the Neocon warmongers. In the instant case, Nikki Haley was purposefully appointed as the “golden girl” of the Neocon Zionist cabal.

How often have the American people seen a woman or person of color in power used to fan the flames of military conflict? The Neocons are experts at manipulating their chosen surrogates to start their unprovoked wars of aggression to advance the Greater Israel project. Let’s see, there was Jeane Kirkpatrick … Zalmay Khalilzad … Madeleine Albright … Janet Reno … Colin Powell … Alberto Gonzales … Condoleezza Rice… Barack Obama … Susan Rice … Hillary Clinton … Samantha Power … and now the Indian American Sikh Nikki Haley who were all put in their high positions specifically to instigate war. What follows is Haley’s latest threat to Syria, and Russia, and Iran.

And, as if expressly intending to further deteriorate already abysmal relations with Russia, shortly after the White House statement, the US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said on Twitter: “Any further attacks done to the people of Syria will be blamed on Assad, but also on Russia and Iran who support him killing his own people.”
(Source: White House Accuses Syria Of Planning Another Chemical Attack, Warns “Will Pay Heavy Price”)

It really does appear that the manufactured Mideast crisis is destined for a military resolution of epic proportions. Many have described this ever-present predicament as one of biblical proportions now that the Holy Land of the Northern Levant resembles “a dystopian, post-apocalyptic wasteland”. Others have written about the grave possibility that the final Battle of Armageddon will be fought at Tel Megiddo located in Northern Israel, which is just down the road from Damascus, Syria.


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