BLM Approach Counter Protesters, Liberals Hope You Won’t See What Happens


As Black Lives Matter activists took to the streets of Dallas Sunday morning to shut down a mall, they spotted counter-protesters claiming “all lives matter” across the street. In a tense move, the BLM decided to confront the opposition. However, what happened next was so unexpected that the mainstream liberal media is hoping it doesn’t get around.

Just days after race riots broke out in Dallas, resulting in 5 police officers being killed, the Black Lives Matter movement appears to be steadily growing. Along with their support come calls for the genocide of whites and a war on police, leaving millions of Americans fearful for future race relations.

Since the BLM hasn’t let up, especially in Dallas, counter-protesters who support the police and hope to quell racial tension gathered across the street from a local BLM demonstration. With flags waving and plenty of traditional Texas regalia, the “All Lives Matter” crowd quickly gained the attention of the other protesters. Miraculously, neither side received the response they were expecting.

CNN reports that shortly after the selected representatives from both groups met, the BLM protesters crossed the street and were welcomed by counter-protesters with handshakes, hugs, and prayer. Counter-protesters exclaimed that their intention wasn’t to defy that black lives do in fact matter but to break down walls and reunite those who’ve found themselves segregated by the BLM movement.

“Yeah, black lives matter and stuff. We all matter,” Chris Rice said.

Holding fast to the declaration that all lives are precious and no one race is worth more than another, the counter-protesters amazingly received the respect and gratitude of the BLM protesters.

“I do believe that black lives matter, but all lives matter; it’s not just one race,” said Conner McCasland, 21, a counterprotester.

McCasland and his fellow protesters reiterated that they understand the frustration and anger of blacks but that he will always support law enforcement who are “risking their lives for us” regardless of skin color.

At first, BLM demonstrators were against speaking with the opposite side. Kimberly Johnson, 27, told Dallas News that she believes the others “don’t want unity,” while another protester said the counter protesters are making “this look like a war.” After an hour of protesting, however, the BLM activists were surprised to be greeted so warmly.

Tears were shed as members of both sides bowed their heads in prayer for peace and reunification of the entire community. Race was set aside as protesters called for walls to be broken down. “It ends today,” one BLM protester said, as he was embraced by a counter-protester who preached, “Today, we’re going to show the rest of the country how we came together.”

This incredible demonstration of unity is hardly being mentioned by the mainstream media when it should be front page news across the U.S. Unfortunately, the mainstream media doesn’t want us to see just how simple peace really is. The more they fuel racial tension, the easier it is for the left to swoop in and implement their agenda.

The left has continued to use racial issues as fodder for gun control, anti-conservatism, and condemnation for whites, which ironically make up the majority of the Democrat Party. They use the BLM movement to compel frustrated black men and women to encourage violence and bigotry towards their fellow Americans. They use fed up citizens as pawns for their plan to create chaos to which they wish to respond by seizing control.

(H/T Mad World News)

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