Benghazi Hero Saw Eminem’s Anti-Trump Rap — And His Response Is an Absolute Scorcher

When Eminem released his rap attacking President Donald Trump, the video quickly went viral.

In his rap, Eminem said a lot. Here are just a few lines:

“Racism is the only thing he’s fantastic for because that’s how he gets his f****n rocks off and he’s orange. Yeah, sick tan. That’s why he wants us to disband.

Because he cannot withstand the fact were not afraid of Trump. Walking on eggshells, I came to stomp. That’s why he keeps screaming ‘drain the swamp,’ because he’s in quicksand.

Now if you’re a black athlete, you’re a spoiled little brat for trying to use your platform or your stature to try to give those a voice who don’t have one.

He says you’re spitting in the face of vets who fought for us, you ‘b*****s’ Unless you’re a P.O.W., whose tortured and battered because to him you’re zeroes because he don’t like his war heroes captured.”

Eminem also told people who support Trump and like his music that he doesn’t want them in his fan base. He went so far as to flip off the camera to drive home how much he hates Trump and resents those fans.

There has been quite a bit of reaction to Eminem’s rap, but now a real war hero is calling him out.

Benghazi survivor Kris Paronto saw Eminem’s rap and decided to hit back with a fiery response of his own.

Paronto posted to Instagram:

Saw some posts this morning about the candy rapper m&m rapping his opinion … we’ll it swayed me to disrespect the flag and follow the opinion of the ex 49’er QB and kneel during the pledge of allegiance disrespecting all who served ……….wait, no it didn’t .

If I want advice on how to commit domestic abuse, live in excess, disrespect the masses as well as lessons on ungratefulness I’ll listen to m&m and the NFL players.

Until then I’ll wear my shirt with pride throughout my travels and continue to stand for the flag and pledge of allegiance for this great nation. I’ll be damned if I let anyone including adolescent athletes and pop culture crybabies turn this symbol of freedom and courage, who many of my teammates, families, and friends sacrificed for, into a symbol of oppression and bigotry.

The only bigots & racists I have seen throughout this are from the “kneelers” and their supporters. For hell’s sake I even saw a post stating that those that support the are the ones who burn crosses ‍♂️… really??!!

You have to be a special kind of stupid for that view, guess my Latino cross burning crew will need to get our torches ready for tonight.

Like me or not for saying this, I could give a sh*t, unfollow me, I won’t lose a wink of sleep. I’ll continue standing for this great country, for freedom, for honor, for courage, and sacrifice and the symbol this represents. So I’m crossing your line in the sand killer.

Eminem says he loves the military. So hopefully he takes a second to listen to what a man who has sacrificed a lot for America has to say.


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