Passenger Jet Forced to Fly Around Three Separate Tornadoes in Dramatic Landing [VIDEO]

This isn’t something you want to see when you look out the window of your airplane. Waterspouts, at least three of them, formed over the Black Sea as this plane was coming in for a landing. The pilot had to fly around them, which wasn’t easy as they kept popping up on the approach to the airport.

 These formed just off the coast of Sochi, Russia. Some of the images come from disappointing beach goers who had been hoping for a sunny day.

One of the planes weaved in and out of the spouts on its way into the airport. Other planes were later diverted.

12 waterspouts formed on Tuesday.

Other images emerged from inside a plane, though it isn’t clear if this one was being diverted or not.

Waterspouts look like tornadoes, and some can have significant strength. Most, though, are mostly benign. While there are strong winds associated with the weather activity, they’re not spinning out debris or sucking up water like many think.

Instead, they would pose a turbulence risk, increasing the threat to the passengers inside the airplane. Pilots avoid them, something that is easier as they drop below the belly of the clouds.

While the storm limits the visibility, the planes are able to see the waterspouts and steer clear of their paths.


(H/T Tribunist)

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