8-Year-Old Called His Dad & Said 3 Men Were Breaking In. That’s When Dad Went Full Badass.


An eight year-old boy from Alabama arrived home from school a little earlier than his father, who was running late. While waiting for dad to arrive, the boy saw something terrifying: three men were trying to break into his home.

Like something straight out of the movie Taken, the boy grabbed a knife and hid under a bed like his mother taught him to. He then called his dad on his cell phone.

The father, already close to the apartment, told the boy to stay under the bed and hold tight as he drove home full speed.

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Armed with his concealed carry handgun, he stormed into his own house and opened fire at the three armed intruders.

“My husband told me, ‘I got them. They were trying to break in. I just walked in the house and started shooting. I think I killed one of them.’” said Laquita Embry, the boy’s mother.

One of the three intruders, 22-year-old Raheem Tyreze Stubbs, was fatally wounded. The other two fled, one of them clearly wounded. Police called in a tracking team to follow the blood trail but the suspect fled into a car before they could find him.

“I’m glad he did get him,” she added to WBRC. “I work hard. I work two jobs. People just come here, taking your stuff. It’s not right.”

Both the boy and his father escaped physically unharmed.

Sgt. Jack Self told local media that because one suspect was killed, there will be a homicide investigation and the district attorney’s office will decide if the homeowner could face charges.

“He called his dad and said, ‘I see somebody,’” Laquita Embry, the boy’s mom, told WBRC-TV.

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Police discovered that Raheem Stubbs uncle, Jamarcus Stubbs, was another one of the intruders and took him into custody – he is charged with burglary and with the murder of his nephew.

“When you are involved in criminal activity and during the crime your co-criminal is killed, you get charged with his murder just as though you pulled the trigger,” Christian said.

“That’s what happened here, it’s proper and that’s what will happen with the third suspect when we find him.”

(H/T Controversial Times)

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