Politico Columnist After Scalise Shooting: ‘Getting Shot Is No Big Deal In America’

This week, after Congressman Steve Scalise and four others were shot by an apparent leftist, Roger Simon, a Politico columnist, made light of the fact, stating in a column inThe Chicago Sun Times, “Getting shot is no big deal in America.”

In a column devoted to attacking Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Simon decided to segue and continue, “About 309 people get shot every day in this country, and most get little attention from the media. Unless they happen to be a member of Congress. And wearing a bright red baseball uniform with the word ‘Republican’ in big, flowing white letters on the front.”

Of course the GOP doesn’t give a damn about all the murders that occur in Chicago, a city run by the GOP.

Oh, wait.

Simon pilloried President Trump for making a point of the prayers for Scalise’s recovery: “In that case, getting shot becomes a very big deal. Big enough to make the president of the United States drop his cellphone long enough to go on live TV and promise that ‘the entire world’ was praying for the congressman and others who had been shot Wednesday in Arlington, Virginia.”

Is there any doubt that if the congressman shot had been a Democrat during Barack Obama’s tenure, and Obama had pointed out the prayers for his/her recovery, Simon would have found it enormously moving?

“Getting shot is no big deal in America”? What the heck is Simon propounding?

(H/T The Daily Wire)

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